By Sphera’s Editorial Team | June 15, 2023

Telecommunications supply chains are hugely complex, with potentially thousands of highly specialized partners. The industry also must comply with strict regulations, but many companies lack visibility into their sub-tiers. To manage these and other risks, supply chain risk management (SCRM) must be deeply rooted in procurement and supplier management. The goal is to create a powerful SCRM program fueled by solid structures, educated teams and digital technology. But how do you get started? 

This framework guides you through four steps:  

+ Understand the status quo to determine your risk maturity. 

+ Develop your supply chain risk management strategy.  

+ Implement your best-in-class approach. 

+ Create and deliver long-term value.  

Learn how to successfully introduce an SCRM program within your enterprise in the telecoms industry. Get started now on your journey to greater supply chain resilience! 

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