Dynamic Risk Pathways

Optimize Process Safety with Integrated Risk Analysis & Bowties.

Get a Real-time View of Process Safety Conditions and the Health Status of Your Facility

Dynamic Risk Pathways aggregates your disparate data sources and creates a digital replica of your asset for a dynamic, real-time visualization. With a better understanding of process safety conditions and facility health status you gain actionable insights for risk reduction.

Improve operational decision-making and take a proactive approach to your evolving conditions with Sphera’s risk management solution.

Dynamic Risk Pathways​

A Single, Shared View of Your Risk Reality

Your operational teams need information from asset integrity inspections, maintenance and operational activity, and operating deviations, as well as IoT sensor data from process-safety-critical equipment. Our solution gives them a shared view of the health of safeguarding barriers and real-time risk impact on major accident hazard risk scenarios.

Approach Risk Proactively with Actionable Data

Our solution alerts operators when safeguarding barriers are impaired, degraded or even missing. This early warning system helps them prevent a risk pathway from developing into a near miss, an incident or a major accident hazard situation.

Dynamic Risk Pathways makes sense of technical safety information – including threats and consequences identified in bowtie risk studies – to aid decision-making in a dynamic operating environment.

Dynamic Risk Pathways​
Dynamic Risk Pathways​

Improve Resource Utilization and Increase Uptime

Increased visibility helps you improve maintenance prioritization, asset integrity, safety assurance and production uptime. With Sphera’s solution, you can reduce risk and disruption and more easily realize the value of your projects.

Our Dynamic Risk Pathways enables improved risk management, enhanced workforce engagement in EHS and better utilization of contractors.

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