Power and utility companies are pressured to mitigate risks and keep operations running smoothly to power millions of lives. However, not having a clear view of all the factors that affect the operational reality results in,

According to ARC Advisory group, the impact of unplanned downtime on process industry revenue and profitability is on the brink of topping $1 trillion/year!


Since the day an asset becomes operational or its last Major Hazard Risk Assessment (e.g. PHA, HAZOP etc.) was completed, its risk exposure began to change. And unavoidably, risk are often managed in different parts of the organization. Information is siloed. Dots are not connected.

How do you know if the risk on your asset is growing, diminishing or staying the same? Do you know where you should dig deeper and when you need to intervene? And do you know how that will impact production?


According to management consultant, McKinsey & Company, reducing avoidable delays is the single most important way distribution organizations can generate value.


Industry 4.0 digitalization enables a preventative approach that helps optimize maintenance, reduce unnecessary downtime and improve workforce productivity.

Sphera’s Operational Risk Management software offers the first integrated view of the operational reality, with a radically different, far more effective way to visualize and manage frontline activities and risk.

It helps everyone make better, more informed decisions that increase productivity performance, reduce variability and uncertainty, improve safety outcomes, increase maintenance effectiveness, enable higher equipment uptime and utilization and lower operating costs.


  • Real-time capture and monitoring of critical equipment and activity data to see their combined risk impact on the operational reality
  • Ability to improve operational decision-making with real-time insights across the full breadth of operations
  • Smart planning and coordination of operations and maintenance activities
  • Disciplined operational execution – including LOTO
  • Mobile connected worker technologies

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