Productivity Summit for Product Stewardship

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
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Total Control of Product Stewardship and Integrated Compliance Across the Product Life Cycle

The demand for safer, more sustainable products has never been higher and complex chemical regulations that vary across the globe create efficiency and production challenges for companies looking to grow in a competitive market.

Join Sphera’s virtual Productivity Summit and learn how taking control of chemical management, product compliance, and product sustainability reduces risk throughout the product life cycle.

  • Evaluating risks associated with your raw materials at the design phase.
  • Managing risks during manufacturing.
  • Reducing risk in distribution and use.
  • Mitigating environmental risks at product end-of-life.

For each phase of the product life cycle, our experts will address the advantages of automation and the importance of accurate data when utilizing automation. They will also discuss the regulatory landscape and customers who have successfully taken control of Product Stewardship.

Hear From Our Productivity Experts

Demand to grow profitably has never been higher.

Yet growth should never threaten the safety of your people and assets or the sustainability of your products and operations.

Automation streamlines collaboration.

It lightens the burden of data collection, reporting and compliance so you remain accountable to stakeholders while focusing on what matters most.

Making better business decisions.

Integrated solutions place the information you and your team need into the right hands in real time to visualize and manage risk and optimize performance with predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

To free up time for you to do what you do best.

To lead your industry, your employees and your customers into a safer, more sustainable and profitable future. That’s the power of productivity.


frank arcadi

Frank Arcadi
Vice President of Product Management, Sphera

francis trudeau

Francis Trudeau
Director – Product Management – Product Stewardship

laura patrick

Laura Patrick
Senior Manager, Sphera


Ruth Donlon
Senior Regulatory Analyst, Sphera

5 Reasons to Attend


No travel costs or time out of the office necessary


It’s 100% free to attend


Access the content on demand, and watch in your own time


Hear case studies from global industry leaders


Assess the latest technological innovations

What to Expect

The Sphera Summit Series is a new virtual format where you can engage, share and learn. Designed with interaction in mind, this online forum will enable you to:

Compare Market Research & Trends

Sphera experts explore the latest research & trends that are changing the way businesses approach safety, sustainability, and productivity.

Gather Insights

Industry professionals will share insights into how they are automating and streamlining strategic integrated risk management goals.

Share Expertise

Get more from the summits by requesting 1:1 time with a Sphera expert. Dig deeper into your unique business challenges and learn how our integrated solutions can help you become a safer, more sustainable and productive organization.


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April 28, 10am CT