Training Management 

Ensure your workforce has the right competencies and skills. 

Make Training a Strength Across Your Enterprise.   

Develop a companywide training strategy that meets your needs globally and locally—now, and in the future. Sphera’s Training software enables implementation of training standards, from organization-wide to site-specific requirements. Real-time reports track progress from business level to user-specific, which helps your management team efficiently monitor training completion and performance. 

Training management software

Put Your Training Strategy to Work. 

Focus on strategy and planning, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to execute. Sphera Training software automates administrative tasks such as tracking daily course scheduling and individual attendance and creating alerts and reminders. Your team will benefit from a complete, searchable inventory of sessions and courses. You can plan and manage course logistics; send notifications to participants; and easily handle attendance, reminders and feedback assessments. 

Get Insights With Centralized Reporting Records. 

Businesslevel reporting provides insights into trends across the organization, helping you finetune training programs for maximum effectiveness and risk reduction. As needed, you can readily access comprehensive training records for specific teams and employees. Managers will know exactly what training each person has had, when they last completed it and when they’re due for a refresh. 

Training management software
Training management software

Empower Employee Development.

Training needs to be flexibly structured and customized for both business– and joblevel functions, so you can be sure your workforce has the right training to perform their duties safely and efficiently. Timing matters; that’s why validity periods, due dates and completion dates are tracked individually. It’s also why Sphera’s solution provides real-time views into the current state of training for every team member. Self-service eases the training management burden, so staff can quickly see the courses they’re enrolled in and enroll in other courses (required or elective) to continually enhance their value to the organization 

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