By Sphera’s Editorial Team | December 1, 2018

Making the Case for Supply Chain Risk Management: Brainstorming Template

Procurement executives and supply chain professionals who understand the need for managing risk in their supply chains may still struggle to create the business case that helps them get approval for the appropriate levels of investment. 

This free download will give you the basics you need to start brainstorming: 

  • A description of the five steps for building your case. 
  • A survey to evaluate the current status of supply chain risk management (SCRM) in your organization. 
  • Worksheets that you can fill out to describe your SCRM vision and plans. 

Answering the questions on the template should give you a good understanding of current processes, and where these could be improved. It helps you outline the benefits of a high-performance supply chain risk management program to support your case. 

This template is based on our whitepaper Making the Case for Supply Chain Risk Management.  


Download our template and get started today!