By Sphera’s Editorial Team | September 17, 2020

Sphera’s Permit to Work software keeps more people safe while balancing productivity against risk. While the annual ROI of the software solution can be measured in wrench time efficiency and asset uptime improvements, many safety gains can also be experienced as a result of the potential to reduce LTIs (lost time injuries), leaks, emissions, near-misses, incidents and more.

Plug in your basic site data and see the savings your company could experience as a result of Control of Work’s ability to,

  • Provide lessons learned and best practices at your fingertips
  • Show efficiency gains as a result of integrating with core maintenance and planning systems
  • Allow for safer, more efficient access to permits and less wait times for core crew and contractor teams
  • Reduce unplanned equipment outages
  • Reduce uptime lost through human error