10 Business Benefits of Setting Science-based Targets

Here are some powerful arguments for why businesses should set science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

7 Tips for Responsible Life Cycle Assessment Practice

An organization I worked for was sued for the publication of partial information from a report we conducted because the commissioner of the study only communicated isolated facts. It might have been the first Life Cycle Assessment study held up to the spotlight through litigation. The case went all the way to the German supreme court, the

The 4 Phases of Value Creation in Environmental Sustainability

Companies are now engaging in sustainability activities more readily because the mindset of their stakeholders has shifted. Satisfying those stakeholders, complying with governmental or market regulations, improving economic outcomes and contributing to environmental protection are some of the drivers for their increased sustainability activities.

Top 9 Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2019

The strongest trends in the packaging industry in 2019 all revolve around a circular economy. Why? At least in the European Union, it’s driven primarily by political pressure and consumer perception regarding packaging.

A New Litter Challenge to Promote Sustainability

This post was updated Nov. 13, 2019, with current collection totals. In August, Sphera celebrated its third-annual Sustainability Day. As I wrote at the time, I really enjoyed the beach and park cleanup that the Chicago office participated in as part of an Alliance for the Great Lakes initiative. In my blog post about the event,

Get C-level Executives to Understand It’s ‘Crunch Time’ for Sustainability Initiatives

This post originally appeared in the United Nation’s 2019 Global Goals Yearbook, pp. 22-24. You can see the yearbook by clicking here. When it comes to getting a buy-in for a sustainability project—or any other plan that could be perceived as low priority—you cannot pull any crunches. Number crunches, that is. It is no secret

Sphera Sustainability Day 2019: Looking After the Lakefront and Working Toward a Wonderful World

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Did you ever see a team walking … to clean up a beach and park? Well, I did. For Sphera’s third-annual Sustainability Day, Spherions in the Chicago office ventured to the nearby Ohio Street beach to grab the garbage from the ground and beach and dispose of it properly. The cleanup was part

Climate Change: How Environmental Accounting Can Help Weather the Storm

It’s time to start making a change to help deal with climate change. The extreme weather around the world is already becoming a big problem, and it’s only going to get worse if people—and businesses—don’t do something about it, according to a recent report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was prepared

Sphera Sustainability Day 2018: A Maintainable Methodology and Much More

This year’s Sphera Sustainability Day puts the spotlight on the importance of efforts to ensure the Earth continues to be the perfect place to work and live. The places Spherions visited are helping to create a sustainable world for generations to come. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Around the time the Civil War was ending, a new way

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