Get C-level Executives to Understand It’s ‘Crunch Time’ for Sustainability Initiatives

This post originally appeared in the United Nation’s 2019 Global Goals Yearbook, pp. 22-24. You can see the yearbook by clicking here. When it comes to getting a buy-in for a sustainability project—or any other plan that could be perceived as low priority—you cannot pull any crunches. Number crunches, that is. It is no secret

Sphera Sustainability Day 2019: Looking After the Lakefront and Working Toward a Wonderful World

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Did you ever see a team walking … to clean up a beach and park? Well, I did. For Sphera’s third-annual Sustainability Day, Spherions in the Chicago office ventured to the nearby Ohio Street beach to grab the garbage from the ground and beach and dispose of it properly. The cleanup was part

Climate Change: How Environmental Accounting Can Help Weather the Storm

It’s time to start making a change to help deal with climate change. The extreme weather around the world is already becoming a big problem, and it’s only going to get worse if people—and businesses—don’t do something about it, according to a recent report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was prepared

Sphera Sustainability Day 2018: A Maintainable Methodology and Much More

This year’s Sphera Sustainability Day puts the spotlight on the importance of efforts to ensure the Earth continues to be the perfect place to work and live. The places Spherions visited are helping to create a sustainable world for generations to come. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Around the time the Civil War was ending, a new way

World Environment Day Brings an Indian Initiative on Plastic Pollution

This year’s World Environment Day has a simple yet powerful message: Beat plastic pollution. As you know, plastic is ubiquitous and plastic is useful, but single-use plastic in particular can also be a real problem for Earth and all of its inhabitants. We noted back in April that as much as 14 billion pounds of

Sphera Quality Day 2018: Chocolate-Covered Goodness to Mindfulness and Much More

There are few places as sweet as the U.S. city of Long Grove, Illinois, in spring. Every year, the village hosts a Chocolate Fest weekend where attendees get to buy decadent chocolate delicacies, participate in chocolate crafts and even indulge in a pie-eating contest. If you’ve never visited Long Grove, it’s an elegant town that

Earth Day 2018 Brings a Possible Solution to a Perplexing Plastics Problem

Talk about an exciting “PET” project. In 1949 U.S. Patent 2,465,319 was awarded, which brought “polymeric linear terephthalic esters” into the world. Today, the compound polyester is found in everything from stuffed giraffes to track pants. Three decades after, a DuPont engineer named N.C. Wyeth patented a container. It was a “biaxially oriented poly(ethylene terephthalate)

Empowering Environmental Reporting

Tools for analysis and reporting have been rapidly evolving in recent years alongside the tools to collect data at ever faster rates, moreover data is more readily available from a myriad of sources. All these factors demand a shift in the way we think of data analysis and reporting. Join us to discover what’s new with reporting tools for analyzing large volumes of environmental data. In this webinar, you will learn how to make better use of the tools and data available today. You will also learn how companies can get data into users’ hands and help them build reports without the rigor of specialized IT involvement.

The Age of Sustainability and How C-level Execs Can Lead the Charge

When I first entered the workforce, most offices didn’t have recycling bins let alone individual recycling containers under people’s desks. Today, when I walk around Sphera’s offices in Chicago, I see those blue bins everywhere. And it’s not just us. When I visit companies across the country, I see more and more receptacles popping up.

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