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Sphera Safety Day 2019: Recapping Our Amazon Adventure and More

Spherions around the globe participated in Sphera Safety Day 2019.

The Importance of Uncovering the Root Cause of Major Incidents

Many safety personnel don’t have experience dealing with major incidents because they don’t happen very often. However, if they do occur, organizations need to have an established incident investigation plan in place to: Reduce the sense of chaos and confusion when an incident occurs. Control and manage an unexpected and damaging situation. Maintain and advance

Activity Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Introducing SpheraCloud’s New Forms Configuration Tool

Go configure. Earlier this year, Sphera released the first iteration of SpheraCloud for Operational Risk with future Product Stewardship and Environmental Performance releases scheduled over the next couple of years. Our goal is to continue to improve the Software as a Service solution to make it as user-friendly as possible for our customers. Today, I

Episode 7: The Audit: Don’t Fear It; Applaud It

In this episode we speak with Meredith Boyer, a senior consultant at Huco Consulting, about audits and how companies can view them in a positive light to benefit their employees, facilities and the environment. Yes, we said audits. Boyer is passionate about Environmental Health & Safety audits, and you will be too after listening to

SpheraNOW Episode 4: There’s No Try in Comply

In this edition of the SpheraNOW podcast, Kevin Jurica, Sphera’s senior solution manager, discusses the many difficulties companies deal with when navigating compliance issues. Compliance is really something that doesn’t end. Many companies want the regulatory content they need to help stay in compliance, but they neglect to consider the ongoing challenge of keeping up

SpheraNOW Episode 3: Benchmark’s the Spot: The Future of Risk Management

In this edition of the SpheraNOW podcast, Carrie Young, Sphera’s vice president of solutions consulting, discusses Risk Benchmarking, a recent innovation in Integrated Risk Management. Risk Benchmarking presents a way to move toward a more predictive mitigation model based on leading risk indicators so companies have a better understanding of potential incidents and near-misses so

Successfully Implementing an Incident Management Software Solution

An enterprise-wide incident management software system has many advantages over managing incidents with paper forms or a hotline, such as streamlined data collection, automatic alerting, and dynamic reporting/insights. But implementing such a solution can be an intimidating process, and getting it wrong can have negative consequences like lack of user adoption and wasted/effort costs. In this webinar, you will learn key steps you can take to improve your success when implementing an incident management system.

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