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Sphera Builds ‘Momentum’ at SKO 2020

Sphera hosted our annual Sales Kickoff Meeting in January, and it was anything but boring! With three acquisitions in 2019 and further development of the SpheraCloud platform, the message was clear that Sphera has been gaining momentum—and we will keep pushing forward.

Sphera’s Year in Review: Looking Back at Highlights From 2019

2019 was a busy and productive year as well. With three acquisitions, multiple advancements in SpheraCloud and on-premise software capabilities, two successful inspire user conferences and an additional 39 events Sphera participated in, there were a lot to milestones to celebrate.

Classifying Chemicals of Concern, Part 3: Bring Out Those Best Practices

In the third and final installment of this blog series, we will share best practices for using the individual data types and also important best practices for the hazard evaluation process itself.

5 Tips for a Safer Workplace

I understand how overwhelming the job can seem. I understand the anxiety of inventories and the panic when you receive word of an accident involving your team. I also understand how essential your job is to drive Operational Excellence in your corporation. Reflecting on my experience, I’d like to offer five tips that I learned along the way.

PCN Delay, What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Recently, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) postponed the first deadline for the new Poison Centres Notification (PCN).

5 Ways ‘Logic’ Can Take Over a Smart Chemical Approval Process

Chemical Lifecycle Management often varies among facilities, departments, tasks and products. Once organizations get a grip on chemical inventory, the greater challenge is to maintain control of it. Responsible and safety-conscious organizations must implement processes that control chemicals before new materials are introduced into the workplace. From bulk orders of organic peroxides to small store-runs

Compliance Alert: California Requires Cosmetic, Disinfectant Safety Data Sheets to Be Multilingual

A new California bill approved by the governor requires manufacturers to print Safety Data Sheets in multiple languages for products that are considered cosmetics and disinfectants.

Just Back From Japan: Sphera Visits Chemical Materials Conference for the First Time

皆さん、 こんにちは! Konnichiwa from Japan! On Sept. 18 and 19, Sphera attended its first Japanese conference—the Chemical Materials Conference in Yokohama, which was hosted by publisher Chemical Daily. We approached this conference with a blend of excitement and wonder. Japan is so unique, beautiful, tasteful (provided you like to eat fish), and Japanese people are

Compliance Alert: Brazilian GHS

In June 2019 an amendment to the Brazilian ABNT NBR 14725 -2 standard (ABNT NBR 14725-2:2009/Em1:2019) was published. The amendment modifies threshold concentration limits for mixture classification for several hazards.

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