Operational Risk

The Skeptic’s Guide to ORM Digital Twin

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past couple of years, you couldn’t help but hear about “digital twins.” And lately there’s also been more talk about more specialized digital twins such as an Operational Risk Management Digital Twin.

Sphera’s Year in Review: Looking Back at Highlights From 2019

2019 was a busy and productive year as well. With three acquisitions, multiple advancements in SpheraCloud and on-premise software capabilities, two successful inspire user conferences and an additional 39 events Sphera participated in, there were a lot to milestones to celebrate.

The 2019-20 Flu Season Is Here: Is Your Business Ready?

With the 2019-20 flu season upon us, there’s already a whole lotta coughing and sneezing going on.

The Future Is Now: Operational Risk Management Digital Twins in Practice

An Operational Risk Management Digital Twin can help connect previously disparate business processes in ways that just haven’t been possible until now.

Riding the Digital Transformation Express

Anyone familiar with “The Imitation Game,” a 2014 film about famed-mathematician Alan Turing’s work to crack German codes, understands how important data was during World War II. As Turing wrote shortly before the war in a 1937 article titled “On Computable Numbers, With an Application to Entscheidungsproblem” published in the journal Proceedings of the London

Realizing Operational Excellence Through Safety Culture and Leadership

Achieving Operational Excellence is crucial to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth. Those at higher maturity levels of Operational Excellence realize many outcomes—a holistic and systematic strategy to drive business operations, a safe and productive workforce, and the ability to continually grow, compete and meet stakeholders’ expectations. Operational Excellence is not a final destination but

Extreme Cold Is an Extreme Hazard for Businesses, Too

For companies, extreme cold can also generate an extreme amount of Operational Risk.

The Importance of Uncovering the Root Cause of Major Incidents

Many safety personnel don’t have experience dealing with major incidents because they don’t happen very often. However, if they do occur, organizations need to have an established incident investigation plan in place to: Reduce the sense of chaos and confusion when an incident occurs. Control and manage an unexpected and damaging situation. Maintain and advance

Sphera’s 2019 Embracing Excellence Awards Submission Portal Is Now Open

We have an “excellent” idea for you: Submit your entry for the Sphera Embracing Excellence Awards today! The Embracing Excellence Awards recognize Sphera customers that have used our products and services to help them achieve Operational Excellence in areas including Product Stewardship, Environmental Performance and Operational Risk. There will be 10 award categories, including Excellence

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