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The 2019-20 Flu Season Is Here: Is Your Business Ready?

With the 2019-20 flu season upon us, there’s already a whole lotta coughing and sneezing going on.

From Customer to Spherion: A Journey Toward Operational Excellence

Register for our upcoming webinar “The Solution for SAP EHS: A Client Perspective.” During the Olympics, millions of people tune in to watch the best athletes in the world compete; it’s mesmerizing, and the athletes make it look so easy. But have you ever tried to do a cartwheel? Let alone one on a balance

Sphera Announces the Winners of the 2019 Embracing Excellence Awards

Sphera announced the Excellence Awards in eight categories at the inspire user conferences. CHICAGO, IL (June 21, 2019) – Sphera, the largest global provider of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) software and information services with a focus on Environmental Health & Safety, Operational Risk and Product Stewardship is proud to announce the winners of the 2019

With Incidents, History Can, Will Repeat Itself Without Right Information at Hand

I previously published a post about aging assets. I used the scenario of riding a bike to highlight the different stages of risk appetite as our assets mature. (In this example, I was the “asset.”) Last summer, I fell off my bike (maybe I tempted fate!) when I was coming down an off-road section of

Riding the Digital Transformation Express

Anyone familiar with “The Imitation Game,” a 2014 film about famed-mathematician Alan Turing’s work to crack German codes, understands how important data was during World War II. As Turing wrote shortly before the war in a 1937 article titled “On Computable Numbers, With an Application to Entscheidungsproblem” published in the journal Proceedings of the London

Realizing Operational Excellence Through Safety Culture and Leadership

Achieving Operational Excellence is crucial to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth. Those at higher maturity levels of Operational Excellence realize many outcomes—a holistic and systematic strategy to drive business operations, a safe and productive workforce, and the ability to continually grow, compete and meet stakeholders’ expectations. Operational Excellence is not a final destination but

Operational Risk Management

Things to Do in Barcelona Before, During and After Inspire

Photo credit: All images courtesy of Getty Images unless otherwise noted.   ¡Buenos días, Barcelona! Inspiring ideas and tantalizing tapas will be on the “menu” at Sphera’s next inspire EMEA user conference, which will be held in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, from June 3-6, 2019. Thinking about Barcelona might evoke notions of its rich history, the

Sphera’s Recruiting Push Featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

Sphera’s always on the lookout to bring in top talent, particularly in technology fields, and people are taking notice. Sphera was recently featured in Crain’s Chicago Business magazine in an article explaining the company’s goal of “beefing up their local head count.” Paul Marushka, Sphera’s president and CEO, told Crain’s that: “We have so much

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