thinkstepGO™ Sustainability Workshop

Working towards operational excellence, together

Identify the Most Relevant Issues and Themes

The first step towards sustainable business value: Screen the issues and identify the most relevant themes.

This is where it starts. Get a clear perspective on the sustainability issues that affect your company in a workshop with our sector and strategy consulting experts. We start by presenting our understanding of sustainability in the geographies and sectors in which you operate, outline the potential business implications to your leadership team, and identify a clear, actionable way forward for your organization.

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"The strategy consulting team has a refreshing, business-oriented way to engage around sustainability issues. The project results have been central in moving us forward on our sustainability journey, linking aspects at the corporate and product level."

Philip Brand, Director Global Marketing, LINDAL Group

What the thinkstepGO™ Workshop Will Do for You

Reduce Cost

Because our consulting experts know your sector, they quickly identify risks and opportunities. This means less time and money spent assessing the situation, and a chance to get buy-in from the leadership team and move forward on the action plan.

Manage Risk

Get an overview of the situation, helping you to understand and mitigate potential risks. Your action plan can then be developed to address priority areas.

Enhance Brand

People need to see that you care about sustainability. By taking action to develop, or enhance an existing, sustainability strategy, you are boosting your brand reputation in all key audiences.

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