Sustainability Benchmarking

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Assess Your Performance Against Competitors

Our sustainability benchmarking service assesses your performance across a number of key topics against competitor achievements and wider industry best practice.

Companies like to know how they compare with others. In the same way that you compete with them for customers, you also compete for value through sustainability. Our benchmarking approach helps you assess and appreciate your successes relative to stakeholder expectations, industry best practice and competitor/peer performance.

Our consulting experts benchmark your performance across a number of topics, including: management practices, sustainable product development, and brand development.

Our process rewards you with valuable insight into key strengths and weaknesses, which are translated into potential business risks and opportunities. We offer recommendations on next steps to close potential gaps in the short and long term, and assess the business value that can be realized by addressing those gaps.

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What the Benchmarking Service Will Do for You

Reduce Cost

Find new efficiencies by comparing with best industry practice and learning from the performance of leaders, peers and competitors.

Manage Risk

Identify and gain a better understanding of potential risks associated with gaps in your performance.

Enhance Your brand

Improve your overall brand reputation by understanding and exploiting opportunities for differentiation.

Increase revenue

Identify gaps in your competitor’s programs which may offer opportunities for increased market share.

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