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A Proven and Efficient Approach to CDP Reporting

Whether you are undertaking your first CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) submission or improving your existing CDP report, thinkstep can guide you through the process and help you excel. Our two-phased approach is used by the world’s leading companies to ease the burden of CDP reporting.

​thinkstep consulting experts review your latest investor or supplier CDP response against CDP guidance, with the aim of identifying ways to improve your organization’s overall scoring. We then help you prepare your current CDP response, using your already quantified GHG emissions.

If you are looking for a scalable technology solution, thinkstep’s award-winning SoFi Software provides technical support for data collection, aggregation and disclosure management.

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"We’re delighted that our silver software partner, thinkstep, has recently renewed their partnership with us. Their SoFi software platform simplifies and streamlines sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions management, and we are sure it will continue to be of great value to CDP’s network of responding companies."
- Paul Robins, Head of Partnerships at CDP

CDP Reporting - How We Can Support You

Enhance brand value

Improve your reputation by giving CDP and other stakeholders access to a credible and detailed summary of your organization’s GHG emissions.

Reduce your costs

Our SoFi CDP software makes data management and sustainability reporting more efficient and enables you to submit data at the touch of a button.



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