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We Guide You Toward Carbon Neutrality

Climate change has become one of the greatest challenges of humankind. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is on top of the global agenda. Companies have been asked to help reduce global GHG emissions.

Carbon Footprint quantification, analysis and reduction are key to reducing emissions by, for example, enhancing energy efficiency and optimizing energy-intensive processes or mitigating carbon emissions using green energy. Ultimately, companies can compensate remaining GHG emissions by carbon offsetting, with an ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.

thinkstep guides you on your path toward carbon neutrality. As a first step, we help you to quantify, analyze and report your corporate carbon footprint. Our industry experts support you to understand the potential for energy efficiency improvements. Our carbon consultants help you disclose your GHG emissions and climate strategy, such as to the CDP, and help you set smart GHG emissions reduction targets, ideally based on the Science Based Targets initiative—we assist you in developing effective reduction measures.

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We Help Our Clients to


We help our clients understand the risks and impacts of carbon emissions on their businesses.


We guide our clients through product and organizational carbon performance with analysis and benchmarking.


We support our clients in the marketplace with responsible carbon management, integrating it into the company’s goals and vision.

Our GHG Services


  • • Development of your operational and organizational system boundaries
  • • Materiality assessment to define the activities most relevant to your carbon footprint
  • • Evaluation of your Corporate Carbon Footprint for Scope 1, 2 and 3


Develop a Carbon and Climate Strategy

  • • Assessment of risks and opportunities
  • • Competitor analysis, benchmarking, gap analysis
  • • Establishment of improvement goals and metrics

Carbon Management

  • • Data analysis, scenario development, emissions management
  • • Action management and performance tracking
  • • Software solutions
  • • Supply chain carbon management
  • • Carbon offsetting and neutrality

Carbon Reporting and Communication

  • • Internal/External carbon reporting
  • • Report to CDP and improve your CDP score

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