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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) enable the assessment of the environmental impact of products and label them accordingly.

EPDs have become firmly established in almost all industries. They contain extensive and independently verified environmental data about a product, from raw material procurement to disposal.

Having created more than 1,800 EPDs, thinkstep is the world's most experienced consulting firm in this field. We would be pleased to support you with our experience and stay by your side, from the initial consultation to the verified EPD.

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What Is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

An EPD is a document that provides information about the environmental impact of a product over its entire lifecycle.

The documents are internationally recognized as product eco-label Type III EPDs in accordance with ISO 14025 in general and with EN 15804 specifically for the construction sector. A product's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the basis of every EPD.

The LCA, in turn, is based on ISO 14040/44, a scientifically approved method for examining the environmental impact of products.

Every EPD is reviewed and verified by an independent third party. The process ensures high quality results and legal certitude regarding the data.

In the building and construction sector, national systems for building certification, such as DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HQE, use EPDs to assess a building’s environmental impact.

Benefits to Your Business

Satisfy information needs

EPDs ensure a smooth flow of information among all stakeholders. Based on the information contained therein, you can quickly find conclusive answers to questions about a product's waste, energy consumption or emissions.

Increase credibility

When companies provide independently verified, and therefore high-quality environmental, information about their products, they also document their environmental responsibility and increase their own credibility.

Secure competitive advantages

As the number of sustainability certification processes for buildings increases, the demand is also growing for products with EPDs. Providing environmental information is even a requirement in many requests for bids. Companies that prepare EPDs for their products have a clear competitive advantage.

Environmentally sound product development

Companies that prepare EPDs for their products have a clear competitive advantage. Clear, uniform information along the entire supply chain makes it easier to avoid hazardous materials, use materials and energy efficiently, develop clean manufacturing procedures and increase the lifecycle of a product.

EPD Program Operator

The publication of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) requires program operators to manage EPDs as outlined in the ISO 14025 standard (Environmental labels and declarations – Type III environmental declarations – Principles and procedures).

The program operator ensures that the EPD is generated in compliance with standard, internationally approved rules and is subjected to an independent examination. The principles and procedures for these purposes are specified in the program operator's general instructions and in the Product Category Rules. It is thus guaranteed that EPDs have high credibility and legal security.

Several EPD program operators are at work around the world. In Europe they are joined together on the ECO platform.

We work with the program operator of your choice and assume responsibility for all communication up to the publication of your EPD.

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