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Lumileds is highly committed to a culture of quality, responsibility and sustainability and prioritizes environmental, social and governance issues that have the highest importance to their stakeholders, the greatest impact on their business, and the most impact on the environment.

Lumileds has aligned its sustainability efforts with external frameworks, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and identified four SDGs to make the most significant contribution: climate action, good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy and responsible consumption and production.

As part of their sustainability approach, Lumileds intended to replace their custom-built, end-of-life software for the monthly data collection for health & safety and quarterly data collection for environmental data with a state-of-the-art sustainability solution to track, monitor and report against their sustainability targets.


Lighting Solutions Company


Schiphol, the Netherlands (Corporate Headquarter)
San Jose, US (Operational Headquarter)


7,000+ Employees

Lumileds’ Challenges

Identify adequate replacement

for end-of-life software

Make sure it’s easy-to-use

and intuitive for data collectors and data admins

Complete implementation

before next reporting window

Secure purpose-built sustainability software


Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability Software

Lumileds implemented SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability as the Corporate Sustainability Cockpit for data collection for their global operations—including for reporting and intelligent actions management and to empower data collectors and data admins by providing access to interactive analytics, trends and benchmarks with other sites.

“Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software allows us to collect first-time right data and it improves the tracking and analysis of our progress. It offers new insights to our performance and helps our teams focus on the improvements that will help us meet our ambitious targets.”

— Jan van Rompay, Director of Sustainability, Lumileds


Lumileds chose Sphera’s Corporate Sustainability software, because its out-of-the-box functionality—combined with the ability to self-configure questionnaires, forms, data structures, sites and dashboards—enabled Lumileds to effectively track their progress toward their ambitious sustainability targets. Due to the deep expertise within the consulting and implementation period, Lumileds experienced a smooth transition to the new system, positioning them to perform toward their current targets and to accurately review their sustainability targets for 2020 and beyond.

Rapid and smooth implementation process within narrow time frame
Intuitive logic
Intuitive logic of software led to high user acceptance rates
Multiple process improvements led to optimized reporting process
Feature richness and ready-to-use emission factors available in software
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