By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 29, 2020

What is your Operational Risk Reality?

Since the day your asset became operational, its process safety risk exposure began to change. Impairments, deferrals, overrides, MoCs, the status of safety-critical equipment or even how well processes and procedures are followed have a cumulative impact on operational risk.

How do you know if the risk on your asset is growing, diminishing or staying the same? Do you know where should you dig deeper and where should you intervene?

According to independent analyst and consultant, Verdantix, “Delivering the full operational risk value proposition is a complex technology challenge.” To deliver tangible improvements to operational risk management, organizations must,

1) Aggregate data from asset management databases, safety reports, and equipment

2) Model asset performance and barrier health with near real-time data feeds

 Analyze interactions between workers, equipment and external factors

 Engage user groups with a variety of roles and requirements

Verdantix’s CEO David Metcalfe shares his take on,

  • •    The key capabilities of ORM Digital Twin software
  • •    The specific value it can deliver to operations and maintenance on the ground
  • •    Barriers to adopting
  • •    and the future of Operational Risk Management
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Sphera’s ORM Digital Twin software helps asset-intensive organizations manage and mitigate operational risk tangibly practically, in real-time. It brings together all human and sensor-derived risk related inputs in a joined-up way and provides a continuously updated picture of the operational risk on your asset.


By automatically bringing together all human, system and sensor-related risk data, everyone can understand which process safety barriers are impacted or impaired by specific work activities, actions, and operational conditions. Major accident hazard (MAH) risk exposure can be made visible to everyone across your organization, from the boardroom to the frontline. This enables everyone to have a practical understanding of how their decisions can directly or indirectly influence the risk picture or barrier performance.

The Future is Now: Sphera’s ORM Digital Twin:


  • Make MAH risk exposure visible, promnent and available – in real time
  • Connect PSM to Operations in a tangible & practical manner
  • Ensure risk mitigation becomes an integral part of efficient and effective operations
  • Increase HSE performance


  • Improve end-to-end productivity across planning maintenance and operations
  • Make maintenance more effective
  • Improve asset reliability and availability
  • Minimize staff and contractor wait time
  • Reduce unplanned downtime


  • Get increased visibility of each cost driver
  • Reduce totale operating costs through added efficiencies and less rework
  • Reduce unplanned downtime

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