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COVID-19, the Economic Depression and Environmental Sustainability

An interview with Cambridge University professor, Dr. Ha-Joon Chang.

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A Message From Paul Marushka, CEO

As we move into the fifth month since COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic…

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COVID-19 Update: The Virus and the Vaccine?

Flatten the curve is a term we’ve become all too familiar with in…

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Beware of New Hazards in the Workplace as We Return to Work

How ants, wasps and pesticide offer lessons on the…

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Sustainability Insights from COVID-19

With a vigorous conversation about how to end racism…

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9 Sustainability Insights From COVID-19

This e-book gives you an overview for how we can use the insights from our experience with the pandemic to understand and counter the even larger wave of danger posed by the escalating environmental crisis.

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9 sustainability insighs from covid-19

A Message from Paul Marushka, CEO

While the current pandemic is not the first one the world has faced, it is the first one we are facing together…

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SpheraCloud Focus Group Forum – Share Your COVID-19 Response Best Practices 

This is an unprecedented time for our industry and our world…

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COVID-19: Getting Goodwill From ‘Good Deeds’ Takes Good Processes

We’re not trying to sound the alarm or invoke our clarion call privileges as safety experts…

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The Virus and the Vision

I’M SITTING ON my bed in sweatpants and a T‑shirt—feet up, legs crossed—reaching out to a potential source via Twitter DMs.

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Working From Home? Read ‘Dr. Germ’s’ Tips on Ridding Your House of COVID-19 and Other Germs

To learn more about how people can slow the spread of the virus in their homes and in the office, Spark caught up with Dr. Chuck Gerba.

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Sphera’s Solutions Help Companies Mitigate and Manage Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sphera, a leading global provider of Integrated Risk Management software and solutions…

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5 Productivity Tips for Managing Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly become one of the defining moments of our lifetimes…

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Episode 26: A Coronavirus, Like COVID-19, Can Be a Complex Legal Conundrum for Companies

In this edition of the SpheraNOW podcast, James Tehrani, Spark’s editor-in-chief talks with…

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Episode 27: ‘Dr. Germ’s’ Tips for Taking on COVID-19 While Working From Home

In this Edition of the SpheraNOW podcast, James Tehrani, Spark’s editor-in-chief talks with Dr. Chuck Gerba…

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Episode 28: A Ventilator Innovator

In this edition of the SpheraNOW podcast, James Tehrani, Spark’s editor-in-chief, talks with Colin Keogh…

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Sphera’s Response to COVID-19

As a global company, Sphera has been closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation of COVID-19…

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