Welcome to Spark.

Welcome to Spark.

By | February 26, 2018

It is with great pride that I present to you the first issue of Spark, the new Sphera magazine.

Packed with exciting content and intriguing articles, Spark is designed to not only enlighten Environmental Health & Safety leaders about what is happening at Sphera, but also to inform you about important safety-related issues and trends that you can bring back to your organization. Sphera has always been focused on advancing our capabilities through innovation, information and insights that benefit our customers, and Spark is just the latest example of that mission.

The timely and forward-looking content in Spark is also a perfect vehicle for empowering you to get the buy-in you need for your EHS initiatives.

The first cover story of Spark sets the tone as we take a deep dive into the world of robotics. Over the past half-century, robots have continued to evolve and become integral tools for handling repetitive tasks but also as high-tech devices that help keep workers out of harm’s way.

The difference between today’s robots and the robots of tomorrow is that workers and robots will not be separated in the future.

As robots and humans begin to collaborate on a greater scale, it also presents an important challenge: How do companies keep their

workers safe in this type of environment? It’s a complex challenge that scientists are working on right now, and, as you’ll see in the article, there are a lot of great innovations that are currently being honed and adapted for future success.

As always, companies will need robust Environmental Health & Safety software to help them navigate this evolution in the workplace.


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