Weathering and Staying Ahead of the Storm of EHS&S Compliance Changes Through Digital Transformation

Weathering and Staying Ahead of the Storm of EHS&S Compliance Changes Through Digital Transformation

By Sphera’s Editorial Team | January 14, 2020

The “weather” outside can be frightful when it comes to Environmental Performance.

Year after year, local and federal governments, clients and organizations themselves demand more and more emissions and Chemical Inventory Management accountability among other requirements, but heady companies understand that just staying in compliance is not enough—they need to be able to monitor their effectiveness and stay with and ahead of their peers.

Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability leaders know that it’s not just the world around them that’s changing, but that Digital Transformation has made its way into the very operations they are tasked with managing and improving. As a result, EHS&S leaders must embrace these transformations and evolve the way they manage safety and Environmental Performance.

To take advantage of Digital Transformation, it’s important to understand what is driving the change.  First, many large and medium-size organizations are already investing in new technology including process simulation, embedded sensors, devices and wearables. This creates an influx of data that, when harnessed, can improve safety and Environmental Performance. However, the data alone cannot create the transformation. A real transformation requires an organizationwide commitment to processing, understanding and acting upon the insights from that data.

As more companies strategically incorporate digital transformation initiatives, EHS&S leaders are at a crossroads and are often unsure where to start. Three critical steps can help you lead the transition for your team and your organization.

1. Understand your Digital Transformation maturity.

It’s no secret that managing and maintaining compliance can be an all-consuming effort. But are you looking beyond compliance to understand how you can better predict and prevent how processes, people, and technology will perform? If you’re still focused on compliance only, you’re not alone. Many EHS&S leaders are lagging behind on the maturity curve and wondering how to move forward.

2. Build your Digital Transformation roadmap.

It’s important to define the technology already in place as well as future investments that can improve your progress along the maturity curve. However, the key is connecting information from disparate systems to create a transparent feedback loop that can empower your business decisions and demonstrate the return on your technology investments.

3. Tie your projects and programs into broader corporate initiatives.

It’s likely your organization has many Digital Transformation initiatives already underway. Explore what they are and how you can connect them. Having a champion in the C-suite will help you access the money and resources you need, and political capital will help you clear the inevitable hurdles and challenges in managing the transformation. Though the change may seem daunting, EHS&S leaders are ideally positioned to drive better safety and Environmental Performance by embracing the Digital Transformation around them. With the right plan and support in place, Digital Transformation can help you weather all of the EHS&S changes ahead while reining in and advancing your Environmental Performance processes along the way.

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