Turning Safety Into Good Business With the Experts

Turning Safety Into Good Business With the Experts

By Sphera’s Editorial Team | January 1, 2017

An excerpt from the Dec. 2016 Media Planet supplement to USA Today

Sphera CEO Paul Marushka shared his perspective on challenges facing the modern workplace in terms of how to keep workers safe and healthy. He was joined by industry leaders from DuPont, MSA Americas and DNV GLSoftware.


How does safety, or lack thereof, affect a company’s bottom line?

Companies focused on worker safetyhave superior financial results. After Paul O’Neil, the former CEOof Alcoa, challenged them to become the world’s safest with a goal of zero harm, its earnings increased 600 percent over five years and sales grew by 15 percent per year. It was also five times safer to work at Alcoa than 10 years earlier.

How would you advise employers about implementing effective safety strategies?

Aligning safety goals with the overall business mission is key to a successful safety program implementation. An organization’s line leaders and workforce will become responsible forcreating a safe environment if executive management demonstrates in words and actions —as well as through policies, procedures and financial incentives —that it is committed to worker safety and health

In your opinion, what is the future of workplace safety?

Internet of Things technology is giving rise to the connected workforce. Workers who are more aware of, and literally connected to, their environments are inherently safer. Wearable and embedded sensors are making it possible forworkers to be monitored within their surroundings to prevent injury from falls, overexertion, heavy machinery and heat.

USA Today Excerpt
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