How to Drive Your Health & Safety Strategy Forward

How to Drive Your Health & Safety Strategy Forward

By Sphera’s Editorial Team | December 2, 2020

Health and safety management isn’t just a regulatory compliance issue anymore. In today’s business environment, companies are leveraging technology not only to improve hazard response, save lives and limit penalties and fines, but also to quantify the benefits of better health and safety management. These benefits include enhanced productivity, reduced operational downtime, lower insurance rates and a better brand reputation. Some businesses are even taking it to the strategic level, using health and safety insights to link policies to practice, and establish end-to-end risk visibility to drive continuous improvement and gain a competitive edge.

Here’s how you can evaluate where you are in the health and safety maturity in your organization, to help you take it to the next level:

How to Drive Health & Safety Strategy Forward


Start with a focus on reporting to meet legal and policy requirements. Basic metrics should help establish current performance and record incidents, like injury frequency and severity. This will help build an awareness of potential areas for improvement and lay a strong foundation for future health and safety efforts.


The next step is to use past incident data to improve current policies and procedures. This may require more extensive data collection beyond mandatory metrics, to include those that help drive operational efficiencies.

Did you know that 43% of businesses say they lack operational risk visibility? (2020 PSM/ORM report)


To further advance health and safety strategy, businesses shift to a continuous improvement mindset and begin to take a more forward-looking approach to risk management. This means tracking leading indicators of health and safety, like near misses and safety training, and ensuring that procedures translate into frontline practices.

Did you know that only 37% of businesses can proactively manage process safety today? (2020 PSM/ORM report)


E-bookBuilding a Resilient Safety Strategy
As the pace of change accelerates, infrequent, incomplete inspections and outdated, siloed data will simply not be enough.


To gain an industry-leading advantage, businesses must integrate health and safety management into company-wide strategy. This requires leveraging digital tools to establish risk visibility across the organization, using predictive analytics to prioritize efforts based on time and budget, and fostering commitment to a robust safety culture at all levels, so that every employee feels a sense of responsibility to uphold health and safety practices. A recent study from Verdantix says that

“more than 80% of EHS&S leaders are seeking a single platform for all EHS&S workflows and more than 70% prefer a single application architecture.” However, still 65% of organizations are operating with siloed data and piecemeal insights, according to the 2020 PSM/ORM report.


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