Science-Based Targets (SBTs) and SBTi’s Net-Zero Standard Consulting

Prove your commitment to ESG by setting a Science-Based Net-Zero Target.

Boost Your Ability to Develop and Reach a Science-Based Net-Zero Target

A proven commitment to achieving a net-zero target can significantly enhance a company’s ESG ranking and has become a critical investment criterion. But the scope, consistency and transparency of net-zero claims vary. Improve your ESG performance and mitigate the risk of greenwashing by developing a science-based net-zero target in accordance with the SBTi’s guidelines. Sphera is a global accredited software and SBT consultancy solutions partner. Profit from this partnership and work with our sustainability experts to increase the efficiency of the submission process and the accuracy of target calculations.

Start Your Net-Zero Journey With an Accurate Emissions Baseline 

Sphera’s sustainability consultants help your company establish a baseline by assessing emissions that are under your direct scope of influence (Scope 1 and 2). The next step is to quantify your value chain (Scope 3) emissions based on physical attributes and reliable industry-based emissions factors. This allows you to kick-start decarbonization by identifying emissions hotspots, quantifying alternative reduction pathways and comparing new technologies. You’ll gain insights that help you advance toward a science-based net-zero goal.  

Benefit From Methodological Expertise 

We’ll work with you to develop your SBTs, providing guidance and help at each crucial step: 

  • Deriving emissions-reduction targets for Scope 1 to 3 and defining near-term science-based targets to track your progress.  
  • Setting a long-term net-zero target, which requires target boundaries, a target year and a methodology for target calculation based on the SBTi’s Net-Zero Standard. 
  • Selecting and applying the appropriate SBTi’s net-zero pathway for your company’s specific needs.  
  • Coordinating a comprehensive target submission and validation process between SBTi and your organization. 

Turn Commitments Into Actions Through Digitalization

Automate your processes for emissions calculation and tracking with SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability software. Use annually updated industry-based emissions data from our world-leading Scope 3 database. Close the loop between net-zero commitment and action through scenario analysis, distance-to-target assessments, automated reporting, implementation and supply chain engagement. 

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