By Sphera’s Editorial Team | July 18, 2019

The Reality of Risk Roundtable

Unavoidably, process safety risks are often managed in different parts of an organization. Bringing them all together in a consolidated way, to view their impact on the operational reality of hydrocarbon asset or plant is a real challenge.

What the industry needs is to make sure everyone assesses risk using the same criteria – and has a practical understanding of how their decisions directly or indirectly influence the risk picture, and ultimately, process safety performance. By making process safety more “operational”, that is ensuring front line personnel are aware of their roles and responsibilities, and are effectively and consistently implementing processes and procedures, we can reduce incidents and improve sustainable production.

So what is today’s reality of risk in the hydrocarbon sector? In this roundtable, senior industry executives discuss what happens when process safety intent meets the reality of operations. This includes how we think we manage risk, how we actually manage it, and how we can improve it practically and tangibly.

Hear from:

  • Mike Neill, Industry Subject Matter Expert – Safety and Performance Management
  • Jeff Thomas, Sr. Process Safety and Reliability Engineer, Process Improvement Institute
  • Kelly Keim, Chief Process Safety Engineer (retired)
  • Greg Cline, Principal Market Analyst, Aberdeen Group

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