By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 6, 2019

The Journey to Digitalization Roundtable

Maximized efficiency, productivity, health and safety hinge on shared data coming from management systems, equipment, the IIoT and the operational edge. Advanced technologies are enabling new processes and operating models and will provide operators with the ability to share data, insights, and enable optimal cross-functional business performance. But what’s really happening in businesses? Are organizations adopting digitalization strategies? And if they are, are they experiencing the promised benefits? We gathered a selection of industry professionals to find out more about their experience in the area of digitalization.

In this round table, hear from an oil & gas operator, a global workforce solutions provider and an energy consultancy firm as they discuss the impact of digitalization on the industry, the effect on its people, the barriers, the challenges and the successes organizations face as they make the journey to digitalization.

Hear from:

Scott Lehmann – Vice President, Product Management – Sphera
Dr. Mat Malladi – President of Global Business Development – Reliance
Janette Marx – Chief Operating Officer – Airswift
Richard Ward – Senior Manager for Data Science & Digital in Oil & Gas – McKinsey Energy Insights

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