By Sphera’s Editorial Team | April 1, 2019

Lessons from Corrosion Incidents

Integrity Management and preventing loss of containment is one of the major process safety challenges to hazardous industries during these tough times. Pressure is mounting for plant operators to simultaneously improve productivity, manage costs, and reduce risk. The temptation is ever-present to delay maintenance work until it reaches a critical point.

This paper presents several case studies which leave no doubt that inadequately addressed corrosion issues lead to loss of containment and disaster can follow, resulting in financial loss and human suffering. The hard-learned lessons from these incidents have helped shape a Process Safety Management model which manages corrosion as part of the overall management of facility risk profile.

In this paper the author explores the implementation of an operations excellence software solution used by several major oil companies which has, at its core, unique hazard identification and risk analysis capabilities. The solution provides the ability to give corrosion-related risks clear visibility on a process safety barrier model, allowing everyone from the boardroom to the frontline to consistently see and manage all operational risk across the enterprise.

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