By Sphera’s Editorial Team | January 18, 2021

Ten Big Ideas For Greater Supply Chain Resilience

In recent years, companies have experienced upheaval in their business conditions. An increased risk of supply chain disruption will likely persist to some extent in the near future. Moreover, threats including geopolitical shifts, natural hazards and supplier financial distress have not gone away.  

In view of uncertainty, it is up to procurement to unite and lead. Here are three big ideas for greater supply chain resilience: 

  • Seek a holistic view of supply chain risk to improve your risk awareness.  
  • Strive to become a proactive, risk-aware and resilient business unit. 
  • Collaborate with your supply network. 

Investing in a digital, cloud-based supply chain risk management solution can provide the visibility, early warnings and contingency planning needed to become agile and resilient. 

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