Quantifying Supply Chain Decarbonization


With the Ambition 2039, Mercedes-Benz committed themselves to become a carbon-neutral* company by 2039 along their entire value chain. Hence Mercedes-Benz is not only taking responsibility for emissions that occur when using their vehicles, but also for emissions that occur when producing the vehicle. A huge proportion of these emissions do not occur at Mercedes-Benz locations, but in its supply chain. To derive a realistic, yet ambitious decarbonization strategy, gaining transparency about emissions hotspots in the supply chain and quantifying possible reduction measures, is crucial. Mercedes-Benz therefore decided to use Sphera’s consulting services and their detailed life cycle assessment (LCA) models and supply chain knowledge to fill this gap.

*include all greenhouse gases according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol that are converted in CO2-equivelents.

Mercedes-Benz AG

Founded in: 1926




Stuttgart, Germany (HQ)

Mercedes-Benz’s Challenges

Missing emissions transparency

in the supply chain

Lack of reliable, detailed emissions inventories

for steel, aluminum and plastics

Lack of knowledge

about the influence of renewable energy and recycled or bio-based materials and their impacts on supply chain emissions

Lack of CO2 reductions

target setting


Sphera’s Sustainability Consulting Services

Sphera’s Sustainability Consulting services enable companies to build business value from sustainability, gain new investments and future-proof their businesses b:

  • Providing insight into the concepts behind decarbonization and net zero
  • Helping organizations to assess their status quo
  • Developing a decarbonization roadmap suitable for a specific business model

“Sphera’s sophisticated supply chain LCA models and their extensive supply chain understanding helped us gain transparency in our supply chain. Quantifying decarbonization pathways for our main materials was the missing piece of our corporate decarbonization strategy.”

 Dr. Klaus Ruhland, Sustainability, Corporate Environmental Protection and Energy Management, Mercedes-Benz AG


Sphera’s LCA expertise and deep supply chain knowledge enabled Mercedes-Benz to gain a detailed understanding of emissions hotspots and reduction measures in their supply chain, helping them to refine their supply chain decarbonization strategy.


Gained CO2 transparency in the supply chain

empower women

Developed the ability to quantify supply chain strategies

Minimum ambitious criteria

Acquired the ability to formulate, quantify and refine CO2

Are you ready to take the next step to quantify and reduce your company’s supply chain emissions?