Productivity Summit for Operational Risk Management

Reduce Asset Downtime & Risk Exposure With Comprehensive Planning and Connected Data

Successful asset management strategies focus on having the right parts and people in place where they need to be and the right processes in place to complete the job safely and efficiently. That’s no easy challenge. Facility and plant leaders know that without careful planning and the right information and insights, things don’t always add up.

Join Sphera’s virtual Productivity Summit and learn how to reduce asset downtime and risk exposure:

Technology is the key. It connects people, processes and information to make your business more productive from unlocking the productivity confined in silos and trapped in outdated tools.

Clean data is vital to success. By increasing data integrity, business operations can see reduced asset downtime and maintenance costs, decreased inventory and increased return on investment

Best practices drive better outcomes. In complex operating environments, capturing lessons learned from each project and institutionalizing that information for future planning is critical to meeting productivity goals.

Hear from our productivity experts:

Demand to grow profitably has never been higher.

Yet growth should never threaten the safety of your people or assets or the sustainability of your products and operations.

Automation streamlines collaboration.

It lightens the burden of data collection, reporting and compliance so you remain accountable to stakeholders while focusing on what matters most.

Make better business decisions.

Integrated solutions place the information you and your team need into the right hands in real time to visualize and manage risk and optimize performance with predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

Free up time for you to do what you do best.

To lead your industry, your employees and your customers into a safer, more sustainable and profitable future. That’s the power of productivity.



Scott Lehmann
VP of Product Management, Sphera

jim crouch

Jim Crouch
VP Master Data Management, Sphera


Otto Ganguli
Global Data & Analytics Lead, Cargill


Simon Jones
Director, Solution Consulting – ORM, Sphera


Peter Hardy
Director Master Data Management Governance Strategy, Sphera

What to Expect

The Sphera Summit Series is a new virtual format where you can engage, share and learn. Designed with interaction in mind, this online forum will enable you to:

Compare Market Research & Trends

Sphera experts explore the latest research & trends that are changing the way businesses approach safety, sustainability, and productivity.

Gather Insights

Industry professionals will share insights into how they are automating and streamlining strategic integrated risk management goals.

Share Expertise

Get more from the summits by requesting 1:1 time with a Sphera expert. Dig deeper into your unique business challenges and learn how our integrated solutions can help you become a safer, more sustainable and productive organization.