Chemical Management

Manage your hazardous materials effectively.

Product Stewardship

Sphera enables you to have a central version of the truth for all regulatory content

We recognize your need to stay compliant per the many regional and country-specific laws that affect your business. Whether for OSHA compliance, SARA Tier II reporting, SEVESO or GHS Classifications, we monitor and update regulatory lists on a global basis as a fundamental part of our Product Stewardship solution. The same extensive Managed Regulatory Content that is used to power our industry leading Product Compliance Authoring application is synchronized with our Chemical Management solution to ensure that your business processes can be streamlined and you have one version of the truth for all your regulatory data.

Sphera’s Chemical Management solution helps you with:

  • Material Requests & Approvals
  • Safety Data Sheet Acquisition
  • Employee Right-to-Know
  • Secondary Labelling
  • Chemical Inventory Tracking
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Safety Data Sheet Management and Distribution

There are many risks associated with using and storing chemicals on site. Effectively managing this end to end process from receipt, use and disposal can be a daunting task.

Why Sphera Solutions?

Sphera has a long track record of experience and success supporting our customer’s business needs, achieving impressive results.

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Sphera delivers benefits for your business

Sphera’s Chemical Management solution provides a single, centralized database to store all your material and chemical compliance data.


  • Manage inbound and outbound SDSs
  • Meet right-to-know obligations
  • Facilitate chemical compliance tracking and regulatory threshold reporting


  • Manage SDS and chemical information in a unified, searchable database
  • Create collaborative decision making between procurement and regulatory teams with material approval workflows
  • Publish SDS and detailed product data directly from Sphera’s SDS Authoring application


  • Enable a dedicated and qualified team to procure and index the latest safety information from your suppliers
  • Eliminate manual processes for tracking movements, usage, disposal of chemical inventory
  • Reduce compliance burden for regulatory lists and updates

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