By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 4, 2021

Worldwide LCA Data Leadership in 2021: The world’s most comprehensive, highest-quality and consistent LCA database has been upgraded to offer the latest available information for businesses, researchers and governments.

CHICAGO, IL (March 4, 2021) – Sphera, a leading global provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services, has announced that its Product Sustainability (formerly GaBi) databases have been upgraded. The annual upgrades offer businesses comprehensive data that is mission-critical for tasks ranging from environmental product design through far-reaching technology decisions to calculating corporate carbon neutrality. The upgraded data now offer the latest available information on electricity grid mixes, policy changes, new and phased-out technologies, and shifted production and raw material routes. With over 300 new datasets, Product Sustainability expands the Scope 2 and 3 databases.

Businesses can no longer risk relying on academic, inconsistent, untraceable or outdated data. They need the most recent, relevant and reliable Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data for business operations, as sustainability transparency is becoming a critical metric for C-level executives as well as workers and consumers. Sphera’s database aligns with the main harmonized and industry standards (including ISO 14044, EN 15804, WRI GHG Protocol, ENVIFOOD protocol).

In addition to the main databases, a distinct Environmental Footprint (EF 2.0) database is now also available, allowing companies to implement studies in line with the European Commission’s latest policy and technical development. There are over 15,000 datasets packaged in some 20 topical databases that are available for users.

A quick look at the new features:

  • Fully updated energy background data across all datasets
  • Updates of technologies and process operation data
  • Extended regionalization of water and land use
  • Updated and new LCA methods

Sphera offers the most robust, highest-quality database in the market, and this primary source data offers the most accurate models to drive customer decisions around the sustainability process.

“Our efficient and effective data on-demand services provide exactly the data companies need when they need it,” said Paul Marushka, Sphera’s president and CEO. “Now we can offer better supply chain regionalization, compliance alignment with land-use changes, further advanced process coverage, usability and harmonization.”

To learn more about Sphera’s integrated approach to LCA, visit Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software – Sphera.


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