Master Data Management Software & Services

Improve the quality and consistency of spare parts, asset, raw materials, services, and finished goods data across the enterprise with SpheraCloud Master Data Management.

Don’t work to make sense of your data. Make data work for you.

Master Data Management Software & Services

Bring all of your systems data together for easy control.

You rely on data from disparate systems, but they often treat the same kinds of information in different ways. And that creates headaches for you. Overspending, out-of-stock events or time wasted in hunting down the right part or service are common risks. But when data from systems like maintenance, procurement and supply chain is reconciled, you can make better decisions. Say hello to greater efficiency and smarter spending.

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Work smarter with consistent, reliable data.

Sphera’s Master Data Management software helps improve decision-making and operational performance throughout your organization. With the Sphera’s Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD) included, this powerful solution helps you structure, visualize and manage your data throughout its lifecycle.

Data Finder

Find data quickly using the multi-language technical dictionary, which supports field mapping, reference cataloging, and searching in order to improve the management of MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data masters. Data Finder prevents high procurement costs and the inefficiency that can lead to operational risk.

Data Transformation

Manage complex, multiregional data cleansing projects with options for onboarding, structuring, automated parsing and more. Our Master Data Management tool transforms your data into clean, structured and deduplicated records.

Data Governance

Maintain data integrity with online, rule-based workflows that properly route data for approvals and completion.


Analyze and report on spare parts, inventory, services, products, spend and supply chain detail. Our Master Data Management software will help you improve purchasing, reduce costs and improve relationships.

MRO Data Cleansing Service

Turn dirty, unstructured maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) legacy data into complete, consistent and comparable business-ready data.

Why Companies Value Sphera

Learn why companies rely on Sphera’s Master Data Management software & services to reduce risk and keep assets safe.

A Unified, Consistent View of MRO Data

Centralized management of your MRO data reduces risk by enabling improved decision-making and operational performance. Learn more about Sphera’s MRO software.

A Unified, Consistent View of MRO Data

Reliable, Timely Information Related to Your Inventory

Rely on our software for accurate information that helps you monitor direct and indirect materials inventory.

Reliable - Timely Information Related to Your Inventory

Greater Control Over Vendor/Service Data

Powerful tools boost your ability to manage industrial and facility services data.

Master Data Management software & services

Manufacturing Data, Managed More Efficiently

Gain greater control with software for manufacturing data, including product masters and finished-goods inventory.

Manufacturing Data

A world-class Master Data Management solution deserves world-class support.

Sphera goes above and beyond to help you realize maximum benefits with minimal disruption to your business.


Superior care during and after your implementation

Data Optimization

White-glove service collects and converts data into clean, structured, deduplicated records

Adaptable to Your Needs

A streamlined upgrade process lets you adapt your software to changing business needs

Business Continuity

Quickly realize the value of your projects with minimal disruption to your operations

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

Large and small businesses trust SpheraCloud to optimize their Master Data Management.

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Effective Master Data Management

With SpheraCloud MDM, ROI analysis is extremely compelling without the need to stretch your imagination or make a lot of assumptions.

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Master Data Management ROI Calculator

Plug in your basic catalog data and see the savings your company could experience as a result of Sphera’s Master Data Management.

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Master Data Management

Sphera’s Master Data Management software can integrate with multiple leading ERP systems to provide visibility of materials, services, and product data.

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