Optimize Your Master Data Management Investment by Enabling it in the Cloud​

For more than 20 years, Sphera’s Master Data Management software, including Struxure, have been the de facto solutions used by dozens of organizations to globally structure, visualize and manage MRO, Materials, Services, Products & Finished Goods data. Companies have:

Optimized inventory

Reduced and managed procurement costs

Improved supply chain relationships

Improved access to spend analytics

Implemented reliable maintenance programs

Improved overall asset management and business performance

Introducing Sphera’s Next Generation Master Data Management Solution

Now Sphera has made those benefits accessible in the cloud. SpheraCloud’s Master Data Management software helps companies reduce the impact of their operational risk by ensuring they have unified access to critical asset data, including:

  • Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)​
  • Direct and Indirect Materials
  • Industrial and Facility Services​
  • Product Information & Finished Goods​

The SaaS-based and mobile platform leverages the power and security of Microsoft’s Azure. It features a responsive, configurable and intuitive cloud-based user interface, designed to help businesses achieve a sustained approach reliable data across their organization.​

Our Software for Master Data Management

Our Master Data Management tools help improve decision-making and operational performance throughout the organization. Discover our solutions:

Data Finder

Use our robust technical dictionary, available in multiple languages, for field mapping, reference cataloging and searching.

Learn More

Data Transformation

Manage complex, multiregional data cleansing projects with options for onboarding, structuring, automated parsing and more. Learn more.

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Data Governance

Maintain data integrity with online rule-based workflows that route data to the right persons for completion and approvals.

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Analyze and report on inventory, spend and supply chain detail. Gather insights to improve purchasing, reduce costs and improve relationships.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce hosting costs

Receive automatic code upgrades

Reduce maintenance

Discover the Features of Sphera’s Master Data Management

Adapt data taxonomies with the best-in-class standard modifier dictionary

Collect and convert data into clean, structured and nonredundant records

Workflow to support efficient data governance

Search tools to find needed information quickly

Powerful analytics to improve procurement, inventory, supply chain relationships, spend management and more.

Discover the Capabilities of SpheraCloud Master Data Management Alongside Struxure

Master Data Management


Deployment Model

SpheraCloud SaaS Application (Azure based)

On-premise application and available as hosted

Licensing Model

SaaS licensing

Perpetual or term license

Browser support

Microsoft Edge, Chrome

IE 11


New Sphera Insight UI

Struxure UI


Included as part of SpheraCloud

Customer managed

Uptime and security

Included as part of SpheraCloud (99% uptime SLA)

Customer managed


Part of the broader Sphera IRM Platform

Standalone application

Count on Sphera’s Managed Services and Customer Care to Maximize Your Investment

mro software
Minimal Disruption to Your Business

Quickly realize the value of your projects with lower overall risk and disruption to your business.

mro software

Get the most from your investment when you upgrade and adapt your software to changing business needs.

  • Streamlined, no-hassle delivery execution of managed code upgrades​
  • Ad-hoc configuration and technical support​
  • Premier access to subject matter expertise​
  • Best practice e-learning to support your digital business process​

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