Dynamic Process Safety Management

Enabling a common view of risk that everyone can manage.

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Have a clear understanding of your risk levels today, tomorrow, and beyond

Sphera’s Dynamic Process Safety Management automatically brings all human and sensor derived inputs together in a joined-up way to see their cumulative risk impact on the operational reality of your plant. See the health status of process safety-critical equipment and the impact of performance deviations and abnormal conditions. Sphera’s “common currency of risk” allows everyone to understand and assess risk by the same criteria. This provides a holistic and common means of balancing risk against production at all levels of the operation.

Turn Data into Actionable Insight

Sphera’s Operational Risk Management software solution delivers a single, shared view of the operational reality. It arms everyone with the right information, at the right time, so they can make more-informed, effective operational decisions. As part of the solution, Dynamic Process Safety Management is the first offering to connect all of your operational risks together and display them in a dynamic process safety barrier model that everyone can act upon.

Sphera's Dynamic Process Safety Management provides the ability to automatically connect the health status of process safety-critical equipment (SCE) sensor data, overdue and planned maintenance and inspection data, MoC, IoW deviations and inspection data, emergency-critical and environmental control system statuses to their cumulative risk impact.

The solution integrates with leading Historians, Asset Performance Management systems, Maintenance Management systems, Inspection databases and many others. It’s automatic and intelligent mapping capabilities combine human and sensor derived inputs to calculate the cumulative risk impact on process safety barriers. And it can calculate potential Major Accident Hazard (MAH) risk exposure (e.g. fire & explosion) present at the plant and area of the plant level.

Sphera uses the combination of MAH risk and fundamental process safety barriers as a key indicator of Major Hazard Event risk pathways. Process safety risk is presented in a way the whole organization can understand – in time, location, and in a barrier model with drill-down capabilities to quickly understand what’s driving the risk.

Sphera's Dynamic Process Safety Management

Capture Risk Data

  • Manually raise, risk assess, and manage performance deviations
  • Automatically capture safety critical equipment, process and people related “risk” data with real-time integration to Historians, EAM / MMS, inspection, EPTW-CoW, EHS, and other systems
  • Intelligently translate and map risk data to its cumulative risk impact

Understand Risk

  • Enable a collective understanding of operational risk at all levels of the organization
  • See and understand the health of the dynamic process safety barriers and what’s driving the risk
  • Access new leading indicators of operational risk that reflect the operational reality
  • Make MAH risk exposure visible, prominent, and available for all in real-time

Manage Risk

  • See the impact of risk on the schedule and proactively optimize the schedule to reduce process safety risk
  • Improve prioritization of planned maintenance, safety, and operations activity
  • Proactively manage and mitigate exposure to major accident risk
  • Communicate risk insight and intelligence to all levels of the organization


Sphera’s Dynamic Process Safety Management can underpin your organization’s efforts to standardize the way in which it manages risk in operations. It helps keep your people and assets safe by ensuring everyone knows what’s happening, where it’s happening, when it’s happening and what’s driving the risk. Are you ready to get started?

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