Make Excellence Operational

There has never been a more critical time to eliminate sources of risk, complexity and cost within operations. With markets shifting, regulations changing and growing pressure to increase efficiency, the challenge is consistently delivering safe and productive operations and maintenance.

To ensure consistency, even in difficult times, companies need a shockproof digital strategy that informs operational decisions and reduces the potential for unplanned incidents, compliance violations and downtime.



the average cost of unplanned
equipment downtime



of industry leaders recognize the power of digitalization to accelerate and deliver sustainable Operational Excellence. A reduction in operating costs, broader efficiencies and fundamental transformation of the business are what’s expected. But while the benefits are clear and the tools available, the ability to realize the promises of the fourth industrial revolution have yet to be delivered … until now.

Digital Operations Require a Strong Foundation

To enable your Operational Excellence strategy, you need an integrated approach to maximize your investments.


Standardize work policies and access meaningful, actionable insights across business functions, plants and regions.


Understand asset and operating conditions in real-time and make decisions that support business strategies.


Integrate existing IT and business management systems and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.


Incorporate expert knowledge, policies, best-practices and lessons-learned to continuously improve performance.

Unify Critical Data

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Find Untapped Efficiencies

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Scale Improvement Initiatives

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Increase Safety and Reduce Operational Risk

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Drive Bottom-line Savings

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Benefits of Managing Risk and Activity Across the Enterprise

Best-in-class companies have:


decrease in


increase in operating margin vs. corporate plan


decrease in compliance-related costs


decrease in unscheduled asset downtime


increase in overall equipment efficiency (OEE) rates


decrease in the number of regulation citations

Power Your Digital Resilience Strategy With SpheraCloud Integrated Risk Management

Sphera brings Operational Excellence to life, step-by-step. The future-proofed platform helps close the loop between operations, maintenance, engineering; Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability, and other functions, and it brings together disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activities to provide a normalized, real-time, fit-for-purpose view of risk to improve operational efficiency.

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