By Sphera’s Editorial Team | March 10, 2020

Top 7 Criteria for Next-Generation Master Data Management (MDM) in Action

This webinar will explore the evolution of Master Data Management software– including the top criteria and usage scenarios to help companies transform data management at enterprise scale and drive bottom-line improvements from a re-imagined, next-generation Master Data Management software.

As organizations take in more data from a growing array of applications and sources, managing its consistency and accuracy is critical. But getting MDM “right” is fundamental. It requires a strategic mix of data architecture, business process, governance, measurable ROI, and more. With the right foundation, and digitalization advances, including the ability to scale big data in the cloud, leading organizations can leverage data-driven insights to adapt based on changing business conditions.

One area in which Master Data Management software have evolved and promise profound impact is in supporting Operational Risk Management. Companies at the cutting-edge are reducing the impact of operational risk with a unified, consistent view of critical data – driving supply chain insights – to make better decisions that keep assets safe and productive.

Join our webinar to

  • Understand the top 7 criteria for next-generation Master Data Management
  • Learn how customers have adopted next-generation master data management solutions to improve their Operational Risk Management
  • See how Sphera’s next-generation Master Data Management software:
    • Helps integrate and centrally manage clean, de-duplicated, reliable data
    • Enables managers across the business access an accurate view of materials, vendors, products, and spend for better prioritization and management
    • Improves overall asset management and business performance and establishes a sustained approach to reliable data

View the on-demand webinar.