By Sphera’s Editorial Team | January 22, 2020

Scope 3 Reporting - Tackling the Challenge

Science Based Targets have generated renewed interest in Scope 3 reporting, and increasingly, being a sustainability leader means being able to measure and manage all three scopes.

Beginning to assess your Scope 3 emissions can be daunting. In fact, even if you are not new to Scope 3 accounting, it can be overwhelming. Perhaps you don’t even know where to begin. Perhaps you have tackled business travel, but set aside other categories as overly complex.

In this context, Sphera is excited to talk about why Scope 3 emissions matter, which first steps to take toward measuring your Scope 3 emissions, how to set yourself up for future Scope 3-related success and how to leverage software and data to support Scope 3 management and reporting

Why watch the webinar recording:

  • Learn how to include Scope 3 to tell your company’s full story
  • Discover easy ways to target critical Scope 3 categories for your industry
  • Explore how Scope 3 categories influence Science Based Targets
  • Identify software that can support your Scope 3 data collection and reporting


  • Annika Bruß, Senior Consultant, Sphera
  • Josef de Jong, Solution Manager / Sales Engineering, Sphera
  • Nina Birger, Senior Consultant, Sphera

View the on-demand webinar.