By Sphera’s Editorial Team | June 27, 2017

Refrigerant Management is No Hot Air

Instead of putting all the focus on solar farms and wind turbines to curtail global warming, Paul Hawken argues in the New York Times bestseller “Drawdown,” that an emphasis on Refrigerant Management is the No. 1 strategy to combat climate change. More than 40 gigatons of CO2 were emitted by man-made activities and emissions in 2015, which was 36 million metric tons higher than 2014, so Refrigerant Management clearly represents the greatest potential for corrective action to reverse, or “draw down,” global warming.

Be it stratospheric ozone depletion or climate change, Refrigerant Management is a challenge that Sphera’s Refrigerant Compliance Management Software and Services have tackled since 1994 to reduce emissions and the environmental effects of refrigerants.

This webinar will outline the key components that are integral to a strong and effective Refrigerant Management culture enabled by software and services solutions.

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