By Sphera’s Editorial Team | November 19, 2020

Panel Discussion: Multiple Angles on the Net Zero Journey

Achieving sustainable growth and reaching a net-zero target is a challenging and complex task that requires a joint effort from not only businesses and governments, but also consumers. Learn what challenges companies face on their journey toward a more sustainable future and how they can overcome them.

Watch our panel discussion and learn from the experts about:

  • Net zero as a new ambition for the environmental benchmark
  • Key drivers that force organizations to take action and dramatically reduce their environmental impact
  • Major challenges that companies in different geographies and sectors are facing on their sustainability journey and possible solutions
  • Other environmental impacts besides climate change that need to be considered on the way to a more sustainable future
  • Product sustainability and the life cycle perspective in the context of the net-zero journey


  • Andreas Svennefjord, Account Manager, Reporter Services, CDP
  • Annika Bruß, Senior Consultant, Sphera
  • Marc Binder, VP Consulting, Sphera
  • Dr. Johannes Gediga, Consulting Director, Sphera
  • Dr. Rajesh Singh, Sr. Director, Business Development and Consulting, India and South East Asia, Sphera

Watch the discussion.