By Sphera’s Editorial Team | June 15, 2020

Is Consistency Really the Answer to Better Process Safety Management?

Enabling Continuous Improvement in Process Hazard Analysis

When all is said and done, most companies need Process Safety Management systems that align with their policies, procedures, and objectives, while at the same time supporting continuous improvement initiatives. Metrics and detailed analysis can guide organizations to the areas of their systems that are most in need of improvement. However, having too many tools that force hazardous scenarios to be generated in a formulaic, cookie-cutter, manner, can result in resources being focused in the wrong areas.

With a consistent hazard identification and risk assessment method, teams can not only ensure that operational risks are known and managed to acceptable levels, but also improve the quality of the data collected. Metrics and analysis can have more meaning, and point both system users and managers to the areas that truly require improvement, so both people and assets are safe and productive.

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