By Sphera’s Editorial Team | June 1, 2020

How to Navigate the Carbon Offsetting Jungle

On a pathway to a zero carbon future, the reduction of carbon emissions should always be the first priority. However, there will always be some unavoidable emissions. Purchasing carbon credits to neutralize the impact of those, are another pathway to achieving carbon neutrality.

Credits are available through hundreds of different providers, offset schemes and labels. They vary widely in terms of cost, approaches and credibility. Especially carbon offsets verification can be horrendous jungle with dozens of different types mainly just listed as their acronyms: e.g. GS VERs, CCBS, CAR, QAS or VCS.

Are all carbon credits equal? How can you credibly verify that your organization is carbon neutral?

Barbara Nebel from thinkstep-anz and Sean Weaver from EKOS guide you through the jungle of carbon offsetting and will talk how to avoid common pitfalls.

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