By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 5, 2021

How to Evaluate Sustainability Measures of Product Packaging

Governments and consumers are becoming increasingly focused on packaging and its recyclability.

The necessity for companies to develop recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging has never been greater. There appears to be a lot of general knowledge about how sustainable packaging is defined, but when it comes to more quantitative comparisons, we all lack the information. A common misconception is that there are one-fits-all solutions and we would like to change that…

In our webinar, we highlight different aspects of sustainable packaging which is calculated with our Product Sustainability (GaBi) Packaging CalculatoR+, a tool that helps packaging designers and product developers identify environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

  • Listen to expert opinions on the key drivers of sustainable packaging design
  • Get ideas for your strategy.
  • Listen to practical examples

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