By Sphera’s Editorial Team | October 4, 2022

At Sphera [formerly riskmethods] SCRM Summit 2022 in Munich, procurement and supply chain experts exchanged ideas on proactively managing supply chain risk.  

One best practice example of supply chain risk management is Sto, maker of construction products including paint, coatings and insulation. Sto is family-owned company based in southern Germany.  

At Sto, supply chain risk management in purchasing relies on having transparency. This enables the company to proactively eliminate risks and creates resilience and confidence.  

Learn in this keynote how Sto managed its best-practice implementation of Sphera Supply Chain Risk Management [formerly riskmethods]. Follow their journey as they create a project concept and guidelines, organize in-company support, send out a monthly SCRM newsletter and offer training in numerous languages.  

Critically, Sto accompanied their implementation with comprehensive change management, which contributed to the program’s success.