By Sphera’s Editorial Team | May 1, 2023

Companies should continue to anticipate greater scrutiny of their ESG performance. They need a strategy built on expertise and technology to support their efforts to reduce risk, improve performance and enhance brand reputation. It’s not only better for people and the planet, it’s also good for business because there are proven financial benefits.​

Paul Marushka, president and CEO at Sphera, shares insights into why operationalizing ESG using a sound strategy to collect data at the product, operational and enterprise level boosts a company’s ability to mitigate their ESG risks, identify opportunities and update policies and procedures. Because without data to measure, there is no data to manage.​ Because in order to manage your performance, you first need data to measure your performance.

Then, we’ll invite industry leaders to each tell their story about how they collect quality data, calculate a baseline, identify hotspots, set targets and use software to monitor and improve their ESG performance all while confidently communicating with their most important stakeholders. ​

Speakers: Paul Marushka, President and CEO, Sphera; Tina Armstrong, Global Sustainability Director, Impact and Systems, Arcadis; Ann Tracy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Colgate-Palmolive; and Alissa Santucci, Director, ESG Reporting, Estee Lauder.