Mark Stach

Chief Services Officer at Sphera

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Mark Stach

“I grew up in pioneer business environments in digital strategy consulting, E-Commerce, and tech-enabled administration outsourcing where new disruptive models, alternative processes and digital tools were the norm. Leveraging this experience, I focus Sphera’s expertise to deploy the best model, method, tools, team structure or skill sets required to develop and help execute integrated ESG programs that result in measurable positive outcomes for our customers.”

Meet Mark Stach

In Mark’s role as Sphera’s chief services officer, he focuses on Sphera’s core areas of software, data and consulting expertise. Mark leads our global Integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Professional Services and Data teams to help companies improve sustainability performance and reduce risk through integrated solutions and expert consulting services. Mark’s teams include Sustainability Consulting, Professional and Software Implementation Services, Customer Care, and Sustainability and Regulatory Content Operations.

Mark is a multifunction, C-suite strategic growth leader with over 30 years of experience in professional, marketing and technology services (SaaS) predominately serving the sustainability, risk management, insurance and benefits administration spaces. Prior to joining Sphera, Mark provided C-suite management consulting to these industries and held executive positions as general manager for Crain’s Business Insurance and chief operating officer/chief financial officer for Aon Hewitt’s global consulting business.

Mark’s favorite activity is spending time outdoors with his family, and with each success, he says, we contribute to a safer, more sustainable world to be enjoyed by his family and yours for generations to come.