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James Tehrani is Spark‘s editor-in-chief. He is an award-winning writer and editor based in Chicago.

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Dinosaurs 2.0 - Not If We Get to Work on Sustainability Issues Now

Dinosaurs 2.0? Not If We Get to Work on Sustainability Issues Now

Are we so used to learning about dinosaurs that we are ignoring the fact that we are potentially becoming ones?

Andy’s Almanac on Accidents

Andy’s Almanac on Accidents, Part Seven

Andy Bartlett is back to discuss Swiss cheese in the Digital Age, and ways current software and technology could have helped prevent one of the most well-known refinery incidents in history.

5 Key Findings From the IPCC Sixth Assessment on Climate Change

A ‘Code Red’ Call to Action: 5 Key Findings From the New IPCC Climate Change Report

Whether it’s creating a decarbonization roadmap to net zero, prioritizing a materiality assessment, taking action on the Sustainable Development Goals or all of the above and more, it’s imperative to advance your sustainability initiatives sooner rather than later.

A Wildfire Wunderkind? How Arul Mathur Wants to Help Protect Properties

Arul Mathur is a high school senior who lives in California. Unlike most students his age, he has invented a Fire Activated Canister Extinguisher (FACE) device designed to help put out wildfires near properties.


The Olympics, Sustainability and Trade-offs

Initially, the Games were supposed to be hosted in 2020, but COVID-19 put an end to that. Even as recently as mid-July, there was some doubt about whether the Olympics would even be able to take place at all, especially as the COVID-19 delta and even lambda variants continue to spread.

Even More Mosquitoes? That Could Happen With Climate Change

Even More Mosquitoes? That Could Happen With Climate Change

It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and that means that mosquitoes are back and often making a beeline to feast on humans and animals.


James Tehrani is Sphera’s content marketing manager; he joined Sphera in 2017 and is based in Chicago. James is also Spark’s editor-in-chief. An award-winning writer and editor with more than 25 years of professional experience, James writes about safety, sustainability and productivity topics for Sphera, and he is also the host of the SpheraNOW podcast.

Before joining Sphera, James was the managing editor of Workforce, a publication for human resources professionals, where he hosted a video series called “The Wacky World of Work.”

James graduated with a degree in magazine journalism from the University of Missouri. He plays bass guitar for fun, and loves reading biographies, especially books about comedians.