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User Training

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Take advantage of the timing and travel savings by joining us for the optional training sessions scheduled for the user conference. These classes take place on Thursday, June 6, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Space is limited, and seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

AM Session - 8am - 12pm

Learn insight into SpheraCloud Analytics and how to get more out of SpheraCloud.

Key Topics:

  • Tour the latest navigation
  • Export capabilities
  • Bookmarking
  • Best practices for reporting
  • Creating story boards

This course is designed for intermediate & advanced technical IA users. Discover the latest Intelligent Authoring application, technology support updates, as well as a technical overview of our enhanced ACE service platform.

This course is designed for beginner & intermediate level IA & CE users. In this session we will look at the data output on the SDS and learn how this is impacted by the data entered into the record.

Key Topics:

  • New Data Entry fields
  • Data field best practices
  • SDS Data Entry to Output relationships

Learn how to create dashboards and reports in Stature using the embedded online ad hoc and the offline JasperSoft Studio dashboard editors. Detailed steps will be provided to allow you to emulate the examples in your own Stature implementations using basic SQL queries.

Key Topics:

  • Creating Reports & Dashboards
  • Jaspersoft Studio Editor

PM Session - 1pm - 5pm

Creating new forms, fields, business rules. This training will take a deep dive into Sphera Cloud new client configuration tools, demonstrating how organizations can:

Key Topics:

  • Create new forms
  • Create new fields
  • Define and add dynamic form rules
  • Add new attributes
  • Include coded elements and existing attributes
  • Specify mandatory fields

In this session we will start by taking a 2hr deep dive into the technical implementation of the Poison Center Notification Submission solution. We will also take apart audits, warnings and errors so that you can troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing in your system. Applicable to intermediate and advanced users of IA and CE.

Key Topics:

  • EU Poison Centers Notifications
  • Determining and resolving system problems
  • Streamlining authoring process

Learn about different types of enhancements you can do to your existing Stature template solutions such as creating libraries from past studies, incorporating a new methodology (such as LOPA or Bow-Tie), modifying the action tracking workflow, adding a user help guide, setting new filter controls, create data migration sheets to transfer data from spreadsheets, and more. As well, samples will be provided for different types of life cycle profiles for document management, consolidating different lists into one (such compiling recommendations from different methodologies into one list, creating a master list of safeguards, etc.), connecting different risk specifications with real-time cross-referencing, creating studies from a standard data-set, etc. Detailed steps will be provided to allow you to emulate the examples in your own Stature implementations.

Key Topics:

  • Stature Template Enhancements
  • Amending templates for new methodology
  • Data Migration & Transfer

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