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Aerial top view of two fuel tanker ship at the port, Oil terminal is industrial facility for storage of oil and gas petrochemical products ready for transport to further storage facilities.
Sphera delivers Operational Risk Management solutions to hazardous industry operators at every stage of the asset’s development and operation. Our
Digital Resilience - A Shockproof Safety Strategy
Digital Resilience is the use of innovative technology to reimagine organizational, regulatory and digital models to maintain or optimize safe
How green is the Internet
Internet services can make systems more efficient and enable us to live better with less of an environmental impact. But
Examining the Sustainability of the Internet
Discussing the environmental impact of the Internet is a complex issue. This four-layer-based model helps you understand the impact of
Operationalize Risk Management by the Numbers
Integrated Risk Management drives risk mitigation change in an organization by allowing companies to get a clearer view of where
Accelerating Digital Resilience
Unplanned events like COVID-19 show the importance of digital resilience. James Tehrani talks with Scott Lehmann, Sphera VP of ORM
Advanced Risk Assessment – Quality Risk Demo Video
Learn how Sphera’s Advanced Risk Assessment solutions work in practice to help Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers improve how they
Lessons on Quality Risk From the Pharmaceuticals Industry
The U.S Food and Drug Administration has already recalled 57 drug products, six medical devices, 123 food and beverage products
Refrigerant Compliance Plan
A Sphera Refrigerant Compliance Plan will ensure consistent and uniform policies and procedures used by the organization, reducing the risk
COVID-19 & Environmental Sustainability – Virtual Podium Discussion
Learn about COVID-19 & Environmental Sustainability in our virtual podium discussion featuring three of Sphera's sustainability experts.
With the first deadline for submission for products with consumer and/or professional usesapproaching on January 1, 2021, Sphera knows you
There are risks in every organization, some large and some small. For decades, most Process Safety Management-based companies have focused
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